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What Devices Can I Use to Stream Prodigies Music?

Here we list the devices you can use to stream video through a browser or on your smart device with the Prodigies Music Lessons app.


Written by Bryan Young

With an active membership to Prodigies you can stream our video lessons through a browser or through the Prodigies app. 

Want to use Prodigies on your computer or laptop? Sign In Here

If you want to view content on a computer or laptop sign into https://play.prodigies.com. We have found that Google Chrome performs best and be sure to check for any updates your browser may need. 

You will find all of our chapters and series on the home page and can use the Play tab drop-down list or Index to search specific series and types of lessons. Visit that Resources tab up top to access our printable workbooks, songbooks, sheet music, and other printable materials. 

Want to use Prodigies on your smart TV, tablet, or phone? 

Download the Prodigies app/channel to your device. Our app is available on iOS (Apple) devices, Android devices, Roku4k TV, and Amazon Fire TV [not supported on Kindle Fire Tablets].

Our app is not yet available on Samsung TV and Chromecast, while technically supported, has known bugs with our videos, so we do not recommend trying to stream our videos with Chromecast (it may work for you though?!) 

Do I need to subscribe through the app as well? 

If you already purchased a Prodigies membership, your login at play.prodigies.com will work for the app as well. Be mindful not to subscribe through your app store/on your smart device. This will be a duplicate subscription which is through your app store ID rather than our site. 

Can I download the videos with an active membership? 

A Prodigies membership provides streaming access to our videos. Videos are not downloadable to a computer or file but users can download videos through the app on their tablet or smart phone. This allows for offline sync which is helpful when you're on the go or in areas with poor internet. The videos will save to that device for 30 days before expiring.