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Does Prodigies support Kindle Fire HD Tablets?
Does Prodigies support Kindle Fire HD Tablets?
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Amazon Kindle Fire HD Tablets is a popular choice in tablets for kids, and periodically we get asked if its compatible with Prodigies.

The answer is... sort of. Your mileage may vary. Prodigies has two apps, Prodigies Bells and Prodigies Music Lessons.

Prodigies Bells is natively supported on the Amazon FireHD platform and works fine.

The Prodigies Music Lessons app, while supported by the Amazon FireTV platform, is not natively compatible with FireHD Tablets. (This is due to our hosting platform that we use for the videos not offering development for it).

However, with a little extra setup, the tablet can be used for watching Prodigies Lessons via the Amazon Silk browser.

The Technical Low-Down (if you want to try it)

FireHD Kids Tablets use a family portal called Amazon Freetime to manage access to apps and sites on a FireHD tablet. Freetime needs to be configured to allow access to the Prodigies site. You'll need to be familiar with configuring Freetime, as these steps might take some trial/error to get correct.

  1. Allow access to the Silk browser in Amazon Freetime (you can still restrict other websites via a whitelist)

  2. Ensure that Silk is enabled in the child tablet profile.

  3. Add * and * to the allowed websites list for Silk in Freetime (you may also have to add *, *, *, *, and * to ensure passthrough of the video content from the hosting provider to the Silk browser.)

  4. Launch Silk and ensure you are logged in and can access content in the child profile.

  5. Create a launcher shortcut for the Prodigies URL in the child profile.

  6. Ensure that the launcher goes to the page and that other restrictions you have set up in Silk are still working, so the child cannot access other sites according to your Parental Controls.

If you'd like some more assistance getting FireHD to work, please reach out to me ([email protected] - ask for Michael) to set up a time. While I can't promise or guarantee compatibility, I have gotten it to work on FireHD before, but setup can be tricky.

For most folks, especially if you're not super technical, I would recommend using FireHD for the bells app and another mobile device or computer/TV for watching the videos.

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