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Videos locked on Roku
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If you have a subscription or lifetime membership to Prodigies, and are getting locked videos or asked to subscribe again, here are some suggestions to get things working again.

  1. Do a full sign out and sign in via the Settings menu in the Prodigies app. Using the remote, navigate the left side bar to the settings menu, then go to Sign out of Prodigies. Close and restart the app, then log back into the app. Note the email address that comes up automatically might not be the one associated with your Prodigies account. It might be the default Roku username email, so if you've subscribed with a different email, select Use a Different Email address, and enter your credentials with the remote.

  2. Uninstall and reinstall the app from the Roku store.

  3. If the above steps don't work, try resetting your password from this link: Once you reset your password, verify that it works by logging into the streaming app via the website at If you can verify that it's working, then sign back into Roku with the new password.

  4. Test different videos in multiple categories, not just "continue watching." Occasionally "continue watching" might be pulling up a sign up page, but if you've not started watching videos in a category, there might not be anything to continue and you'll be presented with a sign up page. Actually scroll down into the categories like Chapter 1-8, Piano, Recorder, Ukulele, etc and go into those sections and see if the videos are locked in there.

  5. If you have lifetime, ignore that it says you have no subscription under "subscriptions." - A lifetime membership isn't a subscription according to the system because there are no more recurring payments. So Roku will say that you have no subscription but shouldn't prevent you from playing all the videos.

  6. If you're still stuck, reach out for help! Our team is standing by to help you resolve these issues. We can set up a Facetime or Zoom call to walk you through the steps and see your Roku setup to identify further issues. Call us at 302-307-1997 or email us at [email protected]

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