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Referral Program

FAQs regarding Invite a Friend feature

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How does the referral link work?

The referral link includes a user-specific variable in the URL that stores a cookie in the browser for whoever clicks the link. If the user signs up within 30 days of the cookie being stored, the referral will be successfully linked.

When are the 30 free days added to an account?

Once the referred friend signs up they are considered referred, but they must make a non $0 payment for the 30 days to be added to the referrer subscription.

Can anyone use the referral program to refer users?

This program only works for monthly and yearly subscribers within the Play page. (Sorry, we wish there was a way to make this work for Lifetimers as well).

What plan durations work with referrals?

Users on the monthly or yearly subscription can receive referral rewards. The 30 days is added regardless of which subscription the referred friend chooses. If the referrer is on a yearly plan they'll still have 30 free days added to their subscription (i.e. your next payment is pushed back 30 days).

I referred a friend and they have a Prodigies subscription but they are not properly linked to my account (the referrer). What gives?

The referral program works via a stored cookie. So if the friend doesn't sign up via the link the referral connection cannot be made. An example would be a friend clicks a referral link on their phone, doesn't sign up, but later creates an account on their laptop without clicking the referral link. Prodigies has no way of linking this user since the cookie was never stored on their laptop, only on their phone.

Note: The referral program is new and there is no limit currently on the referrals that a user can get. However, our team will have a watchful eye for possible abuses, and if this does occur, it can change in the future.

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