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Videos are locked but I have a membership...
Videos are locked but I have a membership...
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If you are encountering locked videos but have an active monthly, yearly, or Lifetime membership, its usually related to either how you're logged in or if your monthly/yearly membership could have expired.

If you've signed up for Prodigies recently, you should have received a welcome email.

Be sure to check your SPAM folder for any login related messages.

Before continuing, see if its ALL videos that are locked or just some of them. If just some of them, let us know which one's aren't working.

Fix #1 - Log out and back in.

Sometimes folks accidentally create two accounts or have two different email addresses where they can access the site, but only one is subscribed. Use the Logout button and then log back in, making sure to use the same email you used to sign up, and where you received your welcome email/receipt(s).

Make sure you're accessing this login page: This is the same login as the app and Smart TV.

Fix #2 - Check your purchases here: If you are correctly logged in, if you have Lifetime, you'll see it as "Granted By Store." Or you will see your monthly/yearly subscription and saved payment method. If you see no purchases or subscriptions, you're likely logged into a duplicate account. If you're unable to log in,

you can reset your password there if your password isn't correct.

If you're logged in and still prompted to sign up again or pay...

Fix #4 - Compare if you can access via the website vs. the mobile/TV apps. If you can log in at but are getting locked videos on the TV or mobile apps, then the TV or mobile app is not logged in correctly. Do a full log out and re-log in via the app or Roku/FireTV/AppleTV remote. When logging back in, ensure that the email address is the same you use on the website, and sometimes you might find that the TV apps will auto-fill a default email address that it may have store that is different than the one you used for Prodigies. Select "use a different email" and re-enter the correct account and password.

Fix #5 - Restore IOS/Play store subscription

If you signed up through the Apple App store or Google Play store on a mobile device, restore your subscription

Fix #6 - If you're still encountering issues, please reach out to [email protected] or call (302) 307-1997 for assistance. Please provide any order numbers you might have or any email addresses you might have used to sign up. We will get to the bottom of it and get your access back!

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