If you've signed up for Prodigies recently, you should be receiving a welcome email.

Be sure to check your SPAM folder for any login related messages.

You will need to have a valid subscription to access content. Sometimes, however, our website won't properly sync your account with our video streaming provider when you sign up.

Make sure you're accessing this login page: https://play.prodigies.com/sign_in. This is the same login as the app and Smart TV.

You can reset your password there if your password isn't correct, or if you signed up prior to 2021 and your old password isn't working.

If you're logged in and still prompted to sign up again or pay...

  1. If you signed up through the Apple App store or Google Play store on a mobile device, restore your subscription

  2. If you signed up through our website or prior to 2021, are logged in, and still can't access content, email [email protected] or call (302) 307-1997 for assistance. This is usually an easy fix.

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