Giving children meaningful & regular exposure to pitch from birth to age 6 is shown to have a profound impact on a persons life long ear for music and pitch.

The short answer is no, your child is not too young for music lessons. You can start right now, no matter how old your kid is, though obviously their age will change how and where you start.

Even children in the womb should be exposed to music and as soon as they’re born, you can do all kinds of musical activities and routines.

Check out 12 Musical Activities for Babies and Toddlers on the Prodigies Blog for lots more information about what to do with kids at this age.

When Should I Enroll In Prodigies?

The best way to determine if your kid is ready for music lessons with Prodigies is by trying our Free 7 Day Trial.

If your kids are having fun, even at age 1 or 2, you should consider…

  1. Purchasing a set of C Major Bells to have around the house for meaningful play with individual notes

  2. Enrolling in Prodigies Play so you have some educational screen-time activities

  3. Grab a copy of My First Songbook Volume I so you have some simple color-coded music to start out with

Most of the printable curriculum and materials in the program are designed for kids 3 and up, so if you’re wondering when you can really jump into the curriculum full-force, wait until your child is 3-4 years old.

For more suggestions and information about meaningful play with pitch and about the formative years of musical development, check out our eBook, “Raising a Young Musician.”

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