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Welcome! Getting Started
Welcome! Getting Started
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4 Important Steps to Get Started!

1. Sign up for a subscription to Prodigies Play through You can choose either monthly or yearly.

2. Download & Install The “Prodigies Music Lessons” App (From Roku, Apple (IOS, TV), Android, Android TV, Fire TV)

This is the easiest and most friendly way of accessing the video curriculum. No need to re-subscribe through the app, your login will work from the Play page.

3. If you're not asked to create a password, set it here:

4. Choose your starting level in the app or web interface, and begin!

  • Continue Watching - this section contains videos you have begun and can still finish.

  • Welcome & Quick Start Playlists - If you're new, START HERE for some welcome videos and explanations from Mr. Rob! We recommend watching these before starting the formal curriculum sequences.

  • Prodigies Music - Level 1A (Start Here) - Start here for the first formal year of music instruction, commonly used for K4.

  • Prodigies Music - Level 1B - Start here for the second formal year of music instruction, commonly used for K5.

  • Prodigies Music - Level 2 - if your students have completed General Music Level 1, proceed to Level 2. These lessons are harder and fitted to kids 1st grade and up, and can be used in any grade in Elementary School.

  • Mini-Series - Find all of our Mini-Series:

    • Recorder Prodigies - A colorful approach to learning 3, 5 and eventually 8 note songs on the Recorder. Can dovetail into General Music Level 2 and work well for 3rd-6th graders.

    • Holiday Prodigies - Learn and play along with our classic holiday hits!

    • Ukulele Prodigies - Discover a colorful approach to learning ukulele, can dovetail into General Music Level 2 and work well for 3rd-6th graders.

    • Piano - Level 1A - our Piano content can be used concurrently along with 1A, after 1A, or on its own. Its targeted towards ages 3-5.

    • Totigies - Go here to listen to Totigies, a solfege listening album for babies and for our video content specific for Toddlers.

  • Resources - This is where you'll find lesson plans, workbook and songbook downloads, and printables. You can also find these in the top menu. This section is optimized for computers.

  • Playlists - These are pre-made playlists specific to type, themes, difficulty, etc.

  • Series Library - These are pre-made progressions specific to age, hand signs and instruments. The content here also appears in the General Music progressions.

  • Prodigies Index - The full catalog of every video. If you're looking for a specific video, jump into the index and use the filter or search features to quickly find it.

Can't find something? Technical trouble? Call 302-307-1997 or email [email protected] and we'll help you out!

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