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2. Getting Started
Starting Without an Instrument
Starting Without an Instrument

Sing with the hand-signs, tap, clap and follow along with our free Prodigies Bells app to get started.

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Use the Solfege Hand-Signs, the Rhythm Lessons and our Free Prodigies Bells App while you wait for your instruments to arrive!

Many of our music lessons feature a modified version of the Curwen Hand-Signs. These hand-signs help young children connect concrete, bilateral, kinesthetic motions to the abstract idea of sound and pitch.

This helps builds a sense of memorized pitch and also provides an instrument-free way to make the practice of singing a more full-body experience and we use them throughout all of the Prodigies Music Lessons.

If you just enrolled and don’t yet have an instrument (maybe your bells are in the mail) you can use either of our free instrument apps (search Prodigies Bells).

Outside using the bell apps, you can also start out just by using these Solfege Hand Signs.

With that in mind, you might want to start with Playtime Prodigies or PsP Melodies, which have a bit of a heavier emphasis on instrument free practice with the hand-signs.

For more information about the hand signs, check out our eBook, “Raising a Young Musician.”

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