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Elementary Music Classrooms Using Prodigies
Elementary Music Classrooms Using Prodigies

Prodigies Academy is perfect for your Elementary Music Class!

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Prodigies Academy, PreK-5th General Music Curriculum

By leaning on Orff, Kodaly, Boomwhackers, Bells & Technology, Prodigies Academy will help you run a better music classroom almost instantly.

Our standards-based, Pre-K through 5th grade LMS provides 36 lessons per grade with assessments, activities, Google Classroom/Clever connectivity, Cyber compliance, lesson customizability, and more!

Visit Prodigies Academy to sign up for a free trial (be sure to use your school email address!). You can also contact our support team there with any questions.

What's included in Prodigies Academy?

Prodigies Academy comes with our PreK-5 courses which are standards-aligned for general music education. Each student gets a login; it is fully integrated with Google Classroom and Clever for SSO, and is FERPA/COPPA compliant. It includes built-in interactive (auto-graded) assessments, an interactive music composition tool, the POI tool (where students video-record themselves practicing or performing to videos or to their own compositions), measuring and monitoring dashboard tools, and many other LMS features.

There are 36 lessons per grade, fully covering standards while also emphasizing the language of music, Solfege, kinesthetic hand-signs, music through numbers, and moveable do. We incorporate Orff and Kodaly, pitch development, instrumental performance, and aural comprehension.

Each lesson includes:

  • 7-15 content elements per lesson.

  • A core content video, and often some additional extension or performance track videos.

  • Activities, like cross-curricular, SEL, movement, reinforcement, and connection.

  • Digital Interactions, i.e. click and drag interactive media for students to showcase their knowledge of concepts, like high/low, steady/unsteady beat, intervals.

  • Interactive Assessments – a variation of digital interactions, and also using the Composition Tool.

  • Aural Comprehension Assessments, i.e. students click an image, hear a sound sample, and showcase their knowledge of its note, scale degree, etc. (All the above assessments are auto-graded, but there are some open ended questions as well.)

  • Composition Tool – students can create unlimited compositions, using colorful bells, notes, numbers, and scale degrees.

But wait...there's more!

  • POI – “Performance-Oriented-Instruction” – students can actually video record themselves directly from their Chromebooks/tablets, performing the pieces they just composed! The video shows up as a video thumbnail in your Teacher Dashboard, and you can make video, audio, and text comments directly on the playhead!

  • Students earn badges along the way.

  • Teacher dashboard includes real-time measuring and monitoring tools (content visited, time on task, grades, etc).

  • Full in-classroom mode, hybrid mode, and remote mode.

  • BYOC – Build Your Own Course (or customize existing courses/lessons) using existing lessons and lesson elements, and pulling videos from our video vault, and/or using your own videos and materials.


  • Fully integrated with Google Classroom and Clever (and Canvas, MS Teams and Schoology).

Pricing of Prodigies Academy

Prodigies Academy is sold as a yearly site license to schools/districts and pricing can vary depending on the size of your district. We do offer multi-school/district discounts, as well as multi-year discounts. Contact our team for a quote!

Have any questions?

Call (800) 515-6490 or email [email protected] and we'll help you out!

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