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Can I Use a Piano with Prodigies?
Can I Use a Piano with Prodigies?

Our General Music Program focuses on Bells, though it can easily be used and enhanced by following on Piano. Plus, Piano Prodigies is coming

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Yes! Your child can use a piano with Prodigies.

We recommend using Chromanotes (TM) stickers for the piano:

These Chromanotes (TM) stickers match our program, and they’re residue free which is nice. Pro tip: don’t leave them on for more than a year without changing them because after a year or two, they will get a little too attached to your keys!

If your son/daughter is in preschool (and are still developing fine motor control), it’s a little bit harder. It’s still doable (I taught 2-5 year olds piano for a long time). If your child is 5+ years old, they shouldn’t have a problem.

lt will help if you have a bit of piano background so that you can help reinforce piano technique and posture., but the beginner levels of Piano Prodigies can also help with that!

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