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What Instruments Do I Need / Can I Use?
What Instruments Do I Need / Can I Use?

Learn more about the using Deskbells (CNDB-D), our Prodigies Bells App, Boomwhackers, Piano, Xylophones, Recorders & Ukulele

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Prodigies focuses largely on playing with colorful deskbells, our Prodigies Bells App, Boomwhackers, Piano, Xylophones, Recorders & Ukulele

If you DON’T have an instrument, you can still sing and hand-sign with our curriculum, but it definitely makes it more fun & engaging to have an instrument to practice.

Learn more & shop instruments below!


The core curriculum focuses on bells that are colorful, easy & fun to play.

While they are ideal for beginners & children with special needs, they are also quality and expressive enough for mature players. Check out our instruments here.

Voice + Hand-Signs

Prodigies combines singing Solfege (Do Re Mi etc.) with simple hand-signs to make pitch development concrete, memorable & fun.

This way, you always have an instrument with you!

The hand-signs help to make the abstract idea of pitch more concrete and memorable.

Plus, by combining two hands with our voice, we’re activating multiple areas of the brain for more points of access to pitch.

Free Bell App

Go digital with our free Prodigies Bells App!

The app features a C Major Scale & a more Chromatic instrument.

Digital bells are also available on our site, or you can download the standalone bell apps here.


Learn to play your first wind instrument with our medieval themed series, Recorder Prodigies.

We recommend the Aulos 3 Piece Student Recorder, but any decent soprano Recorder will work.


Discover Hawaii’s favorite stringed instrument in Ukulele Prodigies, a colorful introduction to the Ukulele.

When starting with a Ukulele, we recommend choosing a soprano, concert or Tenor Uke to begin.

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Mallet Percussion

Prodigies works wonderfully with Xylophones, Glockenspiels & other mallet percussion. Mallets present more challenging alternative to the deskbells, which is good for kids ages 5+. Check out our xylophones here.


You can also follow along with a piano, and we recommend color coding your keys with Chromanotes Stick Ons.


Most of the rhythm lessons in Prodigies can be followed by tapping, clapping & stomping. Plus, our songs have percussion scrolling sheet music below the treble clef so you can jam along.

However, if you want to make it a little more fun, look for some of the popular kids percussion instruments listed below.


A standard in the music education classroom, all of our materials match the colors for Boomwhackers.

These musical tubes are great for large groups, movement activities, and playing 1 or 2 notes by yourself.

Have more questions?

Email us at [email protected], use the live chat on our site, or call (302) 307-1997.

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