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Video Streaming Issues/Questions
Video Streaming Issues/Questions

videos don't work, issues with app

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TV Streaming Issues?

The Prodigies app is available on iOS (Apple TV), Android TV, Roku4K TV, and Amazon Fire TV (Firestick).

There are known issues with older versions of Roku TV where the audio and video do not sync. The newer Roku4K TV works just fine, however if you do not have the 4K version, you can work around this by changing your display type on the TV settings to 720p. This should fix the audio-video sync on that device.

If you're simply having login troubles with your TV but you're able to sign into or the app on your tablet/phone, usually this can be fixed by uninstalling the app from your TV, redownload the app and sign in.

Behind a school network? Having trouble streaming? Learn more below.

Waiting on videos to buffer or load can certainly be a frustrating problem, especially when you have kids ready to begin class.

Typically this is caused by bandwidth issues or network congestion on your network. Our videos are hosted on, which has a global content delivery network with multiple servers for redundancy and reliability. While Uscreen can go down, it is incredibly rare, and 9 times out of 10, it has something to do with settings on your end.

If you’re at a school, network filtering or other content restrictions can affect access to Prodigies. Take these steps if you encounter issues with buffering videos:

  1. Clear Your Browser Cache

  1. Test your network connection speed. Your speed should be 5 mpbs or better to reliably stream Prodigies. If your connection speed is not fast enough, consult with your network or IT department, or ISP.

  2. Try a different browser. We recommend Chrome, but if the issue is happening on Chrome, try a different browser to see if you get the same results.

  3. Reset your network router. Sometimes traffic can become congested on your home or school network, and power cycling your network / WiFi router can reset open connections that may be taking up bandwidth.

  4. Determine whether the problem is in the network or the device. For example, if you’re on a laptop, try loading the same video on a different computer or tablet on your network. Then try loading the video on a mobile phone over it’s data connection. If the video works over the data connection, but not on your WiFi, then the issue lies in the network.

  5. Issues with the app? Whether on a smart TV, phone, or tablet, the most common fix to streaming issues is to check for updates or delete and re-download the app. That fixes the problem 9 times out of 10.

  6. SCHOOLS: ensure that network access is whitelisted to the computer / port used for Prodigies for these URL’s (TCP Port 80 and UDP port 443):

  • * (and

  • *

  • * (and

  • * (and *

  • *

  1. If your device can be ethernet connected instead of Wifi, try that to see if loading is more reliable. If so, then the WiFi connection may need further troubleshooting.

  2. Tablets with parental controls – you may have to manually allow traffic in your parental control suite to the above URL’s for the Prodigies website and apps to load video. On iPads, this is located in Screen Time.

  3. Older hardware: Prodigies Music videos are 1080p and 60fps. Your computer or device's graphics card should be able to handle smooth playback of 1080p60 content without lagging. We use 60fps because quickly scrolling sheet music can look very blurring or choppy at 30fps. Some older laptops may have trouble if they are more than 5 years old. We recommend CPU's with Intel Core i3's and up, AMD Ryzen 3 and up, Chromebooks, and graphics cards from Nvidia / AMD with at least 2gb of RAM. To find out your system's specifications, on a Mac, use the Apple menu and click "About This Mac." On a Windows machine, type "dxdiag.exe" into the search feature of the start menu.

Reach out to [email protected] if you're still having issues.

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