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The Deskbells Seem Expensive...
The Deskbells Seem Expensive...

It's true that a kids instrument might seem expensive, but they're quality bells that rival more expensive instruments.

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I hear from a lot of folks that our bells are too expensive!

I can empathize with the price shock of a $70+ kids “toy”, especially when I think of the $5-25 dollar toys my daughter loves.

The thing about the bells though…is they’re an instrument, not a toy, and a dang good one at that.

They’re well-tuned, durable and of high quality construction, which means they sound great, last a few years, and never go out of tune. The production costs have also increased in the last 2 years.

Tempering and shaping the metal to make the Deskbells takes 6-8 stages and inspection points for proper tuning, which takes time, money and materials.

The result, however, is well worth it. They sound great, play great, AND THEY COST A FRACTION OF TYPICAL ORFF CLASSROOM INSTRUMENTS!

If you’ve ever looked at quality music classroom instruments (like Orff Xylos & Marimbas from companies like Peripole), they can cost $500-$2,500 for ONE INSTRUMENT!

Our deskbells are a fraction of that price, and they’re going to sound great, play easily & last you for a long time. You can setup an ensemble of 12x deskbells with our bulk discount.

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